Creating a Trans*-Friendly Workplace
Trans* Issues Workshop Track

Presenter: Davey Shlasko, M.Ed.
Session: Afternoon A, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Location: Backstage Productions
323 Wall Street, across the street from the Center

Especially interesting for: Managers and professionals, LGBTQ and ally employees, internal advocates in any organization

Come OUT & Find OUT ...About Justice For All

About the Workshop

As more and more people choose to be open about their transgender identities, employers may have questions. What if an employee wants to transition to being called a different name and gender at work? What if you’re not sure what a new employee’s gender is? What about bathrooms? This session addresses best practices for creating and maintaining a trans-friendly workplace in terms of hiring, benefits, staff development and more. Come with all your questions; leave with resources and a plan to make your workplace as inclusive and welcoming as it can be.

In this workshop, you’ll

  • learn about legal protections that apply to transgender and gender-nonconforming employees
  • explore best practices for creating a trans-friendly workplace in terms of hiring, healthcare coverage, personnel records, restroom policies, addressing potential harassment, etc.
  • practice tools for communicating the importance of transgender inclusion
  • plan concrete steps to move the issue of trans* rights forward in your sphere of influence

About the Presenter

Davey Shlasko, M.Ed., is an educator, consultant and activist whose passion is facilitating group learning about & in the context of social justice movements. Davey combines expressive arts, introspective exploration, academic theory and hands-on skills-building to help groups deepen their understanding and practice of social justice principles. Based in the San Francisco bay area, Davey has trained thousands of professionals and community members nationwide since 2000 and has published several book chapters on how to teach about transgender inclusion.

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