Rev. Katherine (Kay) Greenleaf

The Center mourns the loss of Rev. Katherine (Kay) Greenleaf, an incredible local leader in the fight for full LGBTQ inclusion and equality. In 2004, after the Mayor of New Paltz, New York was prohibited from performing same-sex marriages, Kay volunteered to continue the marriages, which she did.  She enlisted U.U. ministers and clergy from other denominations to help marry about 100 same-sex couples over the next several months. She and a U.U. colleague were arrested but in June of that year, the charges were dismissed.

Kay took people at face value and always saw the good in them. She was at her best when she was helping people with important rites of passage services, such as marriages, funerals, memorials and blessings of various kinds. She is survived by her sister-in-law Linda Dackiw (George) and her cousins and their families: Carol Letson (Peter), Charles Hair (Gladys) and David Hair (Mary).   She leaves Pat Sullivan, her partner and wife of 31 years, at home with their beloved pets.

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