The Dignity for All Students Act, New York’s landmark anti-bullying law, went into effect on July 1, 2012. This law requires schools to publicly post and enforce comprehensive, enumerated policies to address bullying and harassment. It mandates inclusive codes of conduct and civility curricula, and sets a standard for reporting and appropriately addressing incidents of harassment.

The Dignity Act requires every building of every school (K-12) to designate staff to receive specialized training in diversity and human relations. The Dignity Act Coordinator should be visibly available to support staff development in this area, and assist students who are experiencing harassment at school. If your district has designated staff to act as Dignity resources for your school, we’d love to connect with them. The Center can offer support, resources, technical assistance and specialized training in keeping with the Dignity law.

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We recognize the urgency that schools are facing. Two of the seven LGBTQ students in the photo above miss at least one day of school each month because of safety concerns. Five of these students experience such intense bullying and harassment each day that they fear for their safety at school. (Read more about school safety in GLSEN’s 2017 National School Climate Survey.)

The Center can help your district make sure that the LGBTQ inclusive policies and student protections of the Dignity Act are fully implemented. Our trainers will work with you at your school. We can meet with your Dignity Act Coordinators, your school administration and Board of Education, as well as your guidance, social work, health and physical education departments. We can provide training to educators, school staff and transportation personnel, and assemblies or town hall meetings for parents and students. We also host the Safe Schools Round Table of the Hudson Valley — regional community support meetings for school personnel, parents, students and community leaders.

We are proud to create strong partnerships with school districts, educators, youth workers, community leaders, parents and students across the Hudson Valley, as we all work together toward safety at school for all students. Read about our other Dignity for All Students Initiatives.

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If you’d like to schedule Dignity training, technical assistance or a student assembly speaker for your school, or if you’re seeking resources and support, please contact our staff and let us know.