Adult 50+

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All group facilitators attend mandatory orientation sessions, such as LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Anti-Bias/Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training.

The Rainbow Lounge

Weekly on Thursdays, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
300 Wall Street, Kingston; 2nd floor – WBI Group Room

The Rainbow Lounge is a meetup for LGBTQ+ adults aged 50+ to relax and meet others in the community.

Please join us for a “hip adulting group” for adults aged 50+. In partnership with SAGE, this group is primarily a place to relax and share ourselves with others.

We will pursue topics such as the relevance of identifying as LGBTQIA+ in our lives; benefits of growing older; our adult reality as different from our younger expectations; sex; ageism, against both old and young; health; being a mentor; growing older with grace; and nurturing our relationships.

Further, as a group with rich experience, we can anticipate that there will be no lack of topics of interest that will be generated as we move forward.  Let’s enjoy our time together!

Questions? Contact Michael Erp (he/him) at (845) 668-1006 or via e-mail at

The Rainbow Lounge event graphic, in a colorful retro 50's style


Headshot of Michael Erp

Michael Erp (he/him)
Group Facilitator

Michael Erp (he/him)  has lived in the Catskills over 30 years, and has been married to his husband Kyle for nine years.  A former administrator and professor at Marist College, he is now semi-retired, but enjoys running an Airbnb with his husband and working as a server for local catering events. He finds that facilitating Mankind: the Men’s Group and the Rainbow Lounge  continues to be a rewarding learning experience.