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Queer Youth For Change (currently on hiatus)

Are you interested in finding ways to support your peers and the community? Do you have an idea for a project? This is the group for you!
The Queer Youth for Change Program offers an opportunity for LGBTQ+ youth and ally middle and high schoolers to build skills in leadership, advocacy, and community organizing, all while getting to connect with each other. Here you will learn what it takes to plan and implement ideas, and all the necessary steps in between.
Those who participate in the 12-week program will earn a certificate to include on resumes, college applications, and more! Feel free to join anytime as there will be multiple projects throughout the year. The youth in this program decide what project they would like to develop, so whether it be an event or a drive, it is up to you!
This program is open to Middle School and High School students. For questions and to RSVP email


Working for Changes event graphic with illustrations of three people holding signs and a megaphone

Working for Changes

Currently on hiatus

The Working for Changes group seeks individuals who are hungry to affect change by taking action.

We will learn what is happening in Albany as legislators return to the budget period and strategize on how to get our message across to ensure there is funding for the LGBTQ+ community. There are many methods, and we can use them all: Phone blasts, Social media blasts, Letter campaigns, visiting legislators in their Albany offices, etc.

If you don’t have any experience in the above, join us! This is not about what you know. It’s about empowerment by teaching and learning. We’re excited to learn from all of you.