If you are looking for a helpful tool to connect with your self, help reduce stress or anxiety, or even simply a mini respite from the busy-ness of your day, in the company of folx who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) please join me, for a deceivingly simple 20 minute practice based on the teachings of Rev. angel Kyodo williams. ALL levels welcome!

To register, and/or if you have questions, simply send me an email with your name, tel. number, to: heartandhands.suzu@gmail.com with “BIPOC lgbtq sit” in the subject line. The meditation will be on zoom, and I will ask that you join with video at the beginning, so that we can all create a feeling of safety, “knowing who is in the room.” You are welcome to go off screen while meditating if you prefer. i look forward to sitting with you all. thank you very much ~ suzu kawamoto

a little about me: I am a licensed massage therapist, serving the Hudson valley since 1991. I began meditating in 1973, and have continued on and off since then. I am completing a Mindfulness Certification Training, and am offering this series as part of my practicum. If you are interested in continuing on an ongoing basis, I will be very happy to continue, as I am looking forward to collectively creating a safe and welcoming container for BIPOC folx to gather and meditate together….