Black, Indigenous, and people of color

Our Code of Conduct applies to all staff, group facilitators, volunteers, and participants at our on-site, off-site, and virtual programs, events, and counseling sessions. To learn more, click here.

All group facilitators attend mandatory orientation sessions, such as LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Anti-Bias/Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training.

Queer BIPOC graphic with illustration of hands arranged in a circle

The Queer BIPOC Intersection (currently on hiatus)

Welcoming all QTBIPOC. How can we tackle the issues that happen TO our communities, WITHIN our communities, and within OURSELVES? This is an intersectional conversation and one that prioritizes the voices of those who are often unheard. The group will have 3 overall goals: education through facilitated group discussion, community building through bonding exercises, and mental health check-ins through self-care and mindfulness. Let’s promote healing on all fronts. Different topics will be discussed at each meeting, with a healthy balance of labor, fun, and leisure.

We encourage wearing a mask so that everyone can feel comfortable participating. To RSVP please contact Sabrina Kee at or 845-405-9010.

Ballroom: It’s more than just a night of fun and dance. On June 10, 2023, the “Bougie Ballroom Affair” was a night exclusively for LGBTQ+ people of color to celebrate themselves, honor the history their ancestors created, and bond with their chosen family.

We intend to have more ballrooms in the future, with this overall mission: to be a “for us, by us” space that centers Queer POC, for each ballroom to be tied to a specific cause, and for it to be a safe haven to build one’s chosen family.

If you would like to participate, volunteer, or otherwise help out with future ballrooms, email Sabrina at