Code of Conduct

The Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center strives to be a supportive space for our community members. We ask attendees, facilitators, participants, volunteers, and staff in our buildings to conduct themselves in such a way that they engage with others in a safe and respectful manner. This Code of Conduct outlines our basic expectations for everyone who uses The Community Center’s facilities including our building at 300 Wall Street in Kingston, off-site venues and event spaces, and online spaces such as virtual group meetings and counseling sessions. Other organizations that host events at The Community Center are accountable for ensuring that our shared values of courtesy and respect are adhered to, including the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct, and are responsible for the management of those attending their events.

Activity and Behavior Expectations


  • Always use a person’s affirming Do not assume someone’s pronouns: if you are unsure, please ask. If you or someone else uses the wrong pronouns, correct, apologize, and use the correct pronouns next time.
  • Respect the privacy of all community members. Ask permission before taking or posting a picture of a community member; mentioning their attendance at events/sessions/services to other people; revealing personal information to others; or pressuring anyone for personal information or contact information.
  • Respect people’s personal space: before you touch or hug another person, make sure to receive consent.
  • Follow all reasonable and lawful requests from a Center staff


  • Use discriminatory language, including but not limited to that which is racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, ageist, ableist, xenophobic, hate speech, or racial/religious/ethnic slurs or rants.
  • Engage in harassment, yelling, threats, sexually explicit language, obscene gestures, physical or verbal fighting, sexual harassment, or inappropriate touching.
  • Solicit in any form without prior consent from Center staff (i.e., business/services, financial support, or other solicitations).
  • Sexually solicit by pressuring someone to go on a date or to spend time together outside of The Community Center.
  • Attend Center events while
  • Consume drugs or alcohol in the building (Exception: alcohol may be sanctioned/permissible at some Center events).
  • Exhibit rude, discourteous, or raucous behavior (i.e., raising voices/yelling, running in building).
  • Possess or use weapons in or around the building, or at any Center program
  • Engage in sexual activity, public nudity, or inappropriate displays of affection in or around the building, or at any Center program anywhere.
  • Vandalize Center
  • Enter ‘Staff Only’ spaces without permission (including desks, cabinets, drawers, closets, and 3rd floor offices).
  • Inappropriately use the restrooms, including for bathing, creating an undue mess, using illicit substances, or sexual activity.
  • Smoke or vape inside of the
  • Sleep inside the
  • Leave personal property

Enforcement and Reporting

  • This Code of Conduct will be enforced without regard to an individual’s identity, including but not limited to one’s gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, or other demographic factors.
  • Anyone asked by Center staff to cease any violating behavior is expected to comply immediately or they will be asked to leave the premises. In an extreme case of last resort, or in the case of criminal activity, The Community Center will contact the police.
  • All violations of the Code of Conduct or other behaviors of concern will be documented by Center Center staff will ask for contact information to follow up regarding the incident.
  • Code of Conduct violations will be routed to the Executive Director and The Community Center’s leadership team for review. The leadership team will contact involved parties if deemed necessary and come to a determination of a course of action and/or restitution. It is The Community Center’s goal to address all Code of Conduct violations in a timely manner.
  • Anyone who violates our Code of Conduct may be asked to refrain from attending Center events or programs until informed otherwise by the leadership team.
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in the following: a warning, temporary probation, or permanent barring. Any concerns or questions regarding this Code of Conduct or The Community Center staff’s execution of it should be directed to Richard Heyl de Ortiz, Executive Director, at

By your presence in our space, you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center’s Code of Conduct, as listed above.