Resources we recommend:

LGBTQ College Student Resource Guide

LGBTQ Student Resources & Support

Transgender College Student Resource Guide

College Scholarships for LGTBQ Students

Understanding Cyberbullying in College

Are you a college-bound high school graduate? Check out the Center’s Youth Scholarship.

Coming soon:

The Center will be hosting a 1-day summit for LGBTQ college students in Fall 2018. Workshops, panels, and presentations will include leadership development, group facilitation skills, and campus organizing. Stay tuned for more information about how you and your peers can get involved.

Get connected: 

Do you want to be connected with the LGBTQ student groups in your school? Send an email to the Program Specialist or call 845-331-5300 to find out more.

Are you a student leader or advisor of an LGBTQ student group? Get in touch with our Program Specialist about how we can support your students, connect you with other LGBTQ student groups, and keep you in the loop about upcoming opportunities and events.