Drag is Not a Crime Act in Ulster County

May 26, 2023

In response to the hate legislation passed in Tennessee and Arkansas and anti-drag bills pending in at least fourteen other states, Legislator Peter Criswell has introduced the Drag is Not a Crime Act in Ulster County.

This law would broaden the scope of the Ulster County Human Rights Law to include Gender Expression as a protected class and to assist those who have been discriminated against in obtaining justice.

Here is how you can help get this passed:

1. Read the proposed law, Click Here.

2. Write to your county legislator to make sure they support the law. Click Here to find your county legislator.

3. Write to the clerk of the legislature. Email: vfab@co.ulster.ny.us

4. Show up for the public hearing on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at 7:25 PM in legislative chambers on Fair Street in Kingston or by Zoom. (There will be a “Freedom of Expression Rally” outside of the building starting at 6:30.)

Together we can preserve and guarantee the right of individual gender expression in Ulster County.

*Please note that this rally is not being organized by the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center. We are using our platform to support, promote, and raise awareness.