The Center joins with Ulster County Executive Hein and representatives from various schools and community groups to launch a social media campaign to halt cyber bullying.

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, staff from the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, the Ulster County Attorney’s Office, and various school representatives celebrate the launch of a new social media campaign aimed at curbing cyber bullying in Ulster County. The campaign, using the hashtag #EndCyberBullying, is a collaboration between various County agencies, local school districts and coordinated by the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center. Utilizing Snapchat geofilters and Instagram Stories, the campaign features engaging tools to stimulate conversations among teens about cyber bullying, link them to resources to help them intervene when they witness cyber bullying, and receive support when they have been targeted. The campaign will also raise awareness about the Ulster County Law Prohibiting Cyber Bullying and the restorative justice procedures in place to address acts of bullying that are referred to the courts.

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