A night of new books, snacks and musical performances!

Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be…Coloring Book has been out of print for a decade. This updated edition contains new illustrations and questions for contemplation, featuring artwork by Giselle Potter, Nicole J. Georges, Kristine Virsis, Simantha Stone, Michael Asbill, Michael Wilcock, Hope Windle, Shane Ballard, Julie Novak, Rich Wentworth, Amanda Fucello, Paul Heath, Quinn Russell, and more.

This book is a celebration of gender. In this book, you will meet girls who build drum sets and fix bikes; boys who bake and knit; and all manner of children along the gender spectrum. This book is for all the heroic handsome beauties of the world. It is a reminder that we never need to compromise ourselves to fit someone else’s idea of who we ought to be.

The future is gender fabulous. Come celebrate with us and get a signed copy of the book!

At 6 pm, there will be the most special amazing, not-to-be-missed performances by guest musicians Samiha Golden, Graciela Reyes-Bondar and Rhys Ellis!

Rhys Ellis is 10 years old and has been making music since before they could walk or talk. Rhys identifies as “gender fabulous” and loves Jacinta’s coloring books. Rhys’ youtube:

Graciela Reyes-Bondar lives in Kingston with her two mamas and two dogs. She attends Hudson Valley Sudbury School and is an award winning gymnast and cheerleader. She aspires to be a singer and a veterinarian. This is her first live singing performance for the public.

Jacinta Bunnell is the author of 3 other gender fabulous coloring books: Girls Are Not Chicks, Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon, and The Big Gay Alphabet.