(845) 331-5300

September 24, 2019

7:00 pm


Well-Being Institute

2nd Floor, 300 Wallstreet, Kingston Ny

(845) 331-5300

An LGBTQ+ community educational presentation about breast/chest health promoting
breast/chest care.

Including, but not limited to:
• Trans men with or without top surgery
• Trans women who have developed breasts via HRT
• Intersex and non-binary/gender-non-conforming folks who meet the criteria for breast/chest screenings
• Women

Join us and learn more about who needs screenings, when/how often screenings should occur,
why screenings are needed, and how to obtain free breast/chest cancer screening if uninsured.
No matter who we are or how we feel about our bodies, one thing is true: We deserve
mammography and chest wall care that affirms our bodies, genders, and identities.

RSVP encouraged:  s.furiya@lgbtqcenter.org

The Center is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and accommodation in its services and programs. To request accommodation (i.e. ramp, ASL interpretation, etc.) contact Farrell Brenner at least ten days in advance at: 845-331-5300, or e-mail at f.brenner@lgbtqcenter.org.