June 12, 2022

5:00 pm

Que Será, Será: A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression 

Performed by Zelda

aka Judith Z. Miller

**** 4 Stars – “Truly an EIPIC Tale”

“The title of this gently confronting and evocative storytelling performance says it all. It is A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression told by the charming and engaging Zelda (AKA Judith Z. Miller) who opens her heart and her life to the audience … imbuing her memories with passion, joy and melancholy …. Her stories are quirky and funny, distressing and sad, excitable and volatile and intermittently suicidal and tragic …  Que Será Será is truly an epic tale of a coming of age in one’s sexuality and gender identity.”

– Kate Herbert Theatre Reviews (Australia)

“Que Será Será (QSS) is an engaging multi-media show that highlights Zelda’s personal journey through seven decades of life. She delivers a passionate performance that generously shares raw experiences, thoughts and confessions. Via her intimate and powerful writing, Zelda expertly guides the audience so that we may all examine, accept, and appreciate our own life’s journey. Although focused on her own Queer journey, Zelda’s story illuminates the dark moments many of us struggle with alone with compassion, warmth and humor, transforming the highly personal into an entertaining and universally relatable experience. A performance of QSS would be a wonderful addition to any community or art organizations’ programming calendar.”

– Arts Mid-Hudson Grants & Program Manager Lilia Perez

June 12 @ 5 pm – Rosendale Theatre –

408 Main St, Rosendale, NY 12472

Tickets $20 https://www.rosendaletheatre.org

Watch a show trailer & learn more: https://punjabbed.wixsite.com/queserasera