September 7, 2019

8:00 pm / 11:00 pm


The Center

300 Wall St, Kingston, NY 12401, USA

SO, uh…. .. I’ve made an album?? and I’m proud of it, so let’s all have a RELEASE PARTY!!! My friends over at the local LGBTQ+ center have been gracious enough to help me host this momentous occasion at the center, and it’s gonna be sweeeeeet!


– I will be performing some songs / poems from my album & will be selling said album at the party, as well as opening up my top surgery fundraiser for donations!
– After I strut my stuff™, the mic will open up to anyone who would like to perform! Be it songs / poems / dance / stand-up comedy / etc, you may perform up to 2 pieces OR (AKA) up to 7-8 minutes.
– Orrrrrrrr ya can… y’know…… .. spend that mic time talking about how AWESOME i am… idk OwO


– party starts at 8, music starts at 8:30! There will be a sign-up sheet to avoid the chaos that naturally ensues within a room full of gays.
– this event is FREE and GAY and open to all!!
– FEEL FREE TO BRING A DISH TO SHARE if you’d like!!! I love food!!!!
– there will be CAKE. there will be MUSIC. it will be GAY AS ALL HECK. It may get quite loud at times.
– performance material MUST BE RESPECTFUL (aka please no stand-up comedy with racist/fat-phobic jokes, etc. you know the drill, Chad.)
– I will be asking about dietary restrictions shortly!

~ Salem ♥