November 20, 2021

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Transgender Day of Remembrance [TDOR] 2021 

 Every year on November 20, we remember and honor the lives of trans and gender-diverse people reported murdered in the past 12 months. On Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center joins with people and organizations around the world in remembering those who lives were senselessly lost during the past year.  

Why TDOR is important 

It’s a time for reflection. The day encourages us to stop and reflect on the transgender community — specifically the abuse many of them face as they attempt to lead their everyday lives. It’s also meant to help spark transgender advocacy, support, and change across the U.S. and around the world. 

It encourages empathy. This day offers the opportunity for others to better understand the stigma, discrimination and barriers that many transgender people face. This understanding can lead to deeper empathy and can remind us that we are all more alike than we are different. 

It offers hope. Transgender Day of Remembrance invites communities to come together and unify against the powers of hate and fear. 

“For the second year in a row, the trans community has seen a grim milestone: 2021 has become the deadliest year on record, just as 2020 was. Each and every name recognized on the Trans Day of Remembrance represented a full, rich life that did not deserve to be cut short. The rhetoric and stigma aimed by anti-equality political leaders and public figures at transgender and non-binary people have led to an unprecedented level of horrific violence against our transgender community. We must fight for change. We must dismantle this stigma. We must bring this epidemic of violence to an end.” 

-Joni Madison, Interim President of the Human Rights Campaign 

According to Human Rights Campaign recordkeeping, the 46 known transgender and gender non-conforming people killed so far in 2021 are: Tyianna Alexander, Samuel Edmund Damián Valentín, Bianca “Muffin” Bankz, Dominique Jackson, Fifty Bandz, Alexus Braxton, Chyna Carrillo, siblings Jeffrey “JJ” Bright and Jasmine Cannady, Jenna Franks, Diamond Kyree Sanders, Rayanna Pardo, Jaida Peterson, Dominique Lucious, Remy Fennell, Tiara Banks, Natalia Smut, Iris Santos, Tiffany Thomas, Keri Washington, Jahaira DeAlto, Whispering Wind Bear Spirit, Sophie Vásquez, Danika “Danny” Henson, Serenity Hollis, Oliver “Ollie” Taylor, Thomas Hardin, Poe Black, EJ Boykin, Taya Ashton, Shai Vanderpump, Tierramarie Lewis, Miss CoCo, Pooh Johnson, Disaya Monaee, Briana Hamilton, Kiér Laprí Kartier, Mel Groves, Royal Poetical Starz, Zoella “Zoey” Rose Martinez, Jo Acker, Jessi Hart, Rikkey Outumuro, Marquiisha Lawrence, and Jenny De Leon.  

And this disturbing number likely underreports deadly violence targeting transgender and gender non-confirming people, who may not be properly identified as transgender or gender non-conforming by police, media or other sources. 

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