(845) 331-5300

September 21, 2019

10:00 am / 1:00 pm


Well-Being Institute

2nd Floor, 300 Wallstreet, Kingston Ny

(845) 331-5300

Join us for our upcoming Imago Relationship Workshop facilitated by Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW,
CIRT.  Imago Therapy is an approach to relationship repair and connection focusing on our inherent
ability to heal relationship rupture.

Partners and individuals are welcome.   Maximum of 10 participants; Registration is required. For more
information email s.furiya@lgbtqcenter.org


Imago, meaning image in Latin, refers to the internal subjective image of love we each hold within our
psyches. This image affects any and all relationships we have, but profoundly impacts our closest
romantic ones. Most relationship pain stems from feelings of disconnection and distance from our
partners. Come explore experiential exercises designed to enhance our understanding about what
interferes with connection and see how we can easily access healing with Imago methods.
Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW, CIRT is an Advanced Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Safe
Conversations Facilitator with extensive training in sex therapy, energy psychology, emotional freedom
technique (“tapping”), and medical social work.


The Center is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and accommodation in its services and programs. To request accommodation (i.e. ramp, ASL interpretation, etc.) contact Farrell Brenner at least ten days in advance at: 845-331-5300, or e-mail at f.brenner@lgbtqcenter.org.