About the Directory

apple - heart - healthThe Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center (the Center) is proud to provide this Directory of LGBTQ Affirming Healthcare Providers (the Directory) as a service to the community. A listing here does not constitute endorsement by the Center, or by its Board of Directors or Staff. Healthcare providers on this list have been recommended by our members, and have also returned surveys indicating their welcoming attitude toward LGBTQ clients and their desire to be included in the Directory. Content of listings is provided by and represented as accurate by the listed individuals and groups.

The Center cannot guarantee a good fit between any provider and client. The Directory is a list of options and a place to begin when seeking the right provider. Clients are advised to research any provider choice further by interviewing the provider, calling or visiting the office, or researching areas of specialization, experience and malpractice claim history. Clients are encouraged to always use due diligence and care when selecting a provider with whom to entrust their healthcare.

If you have used the Directory to locate health providers, we welcome your feedback. If you would like to relay comments about a provider currently listed in the Directory, please let us know at programs@lgbtqcenter.org. If you are a community member and have a provider to recommend to us—or if you are a healthcare provider with an LGBTQ-affirming practice—please let us know. If you have general questions about the Directory or being listed there, please contact the Center by phone at (845) 331-5300 or by email at info@lgbtqcenter.org. 


If you are a provider and would like to join the director you may fill out the survey form linked here. Please note, providers must exceed a certain score on the survey in order to be listed in our directory. If you would like to learn more about best practices and policies for creating an LGBTQ affirming environment, please consider requesting a training from the Center by filling out the form linked here.