Public Health Alert – hMPVX (Monkeypox)

August 15, 2022

We’re facing another health crisis in the country – and although anyone can become infected with hMPVX (Monkeypox), there is a higher risk among gay men, bisexual men, and trans persons. To protect ourselves and our community, we need to stay informed and proactive.

Cases of hMPVX have been reported in the Hudson Valley, including Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, and Sullivan counties. If you are experiencing symptoms (rash, bumps, or blisters with fever, headache, muscle aches, or swollen lymph nodes) contact your healthcare provider right away to arrange testing and treatment.

There is a limited supply of vaccines available in each county, so if you believe you are at risk, don’t wait! Reach out to your county health departments to get screened for vaccine eligibility.

Important Links for more info:

Sign up for hMPVX text alerts from New York State:

Text “MONKEYPOX” to 81336 or “MONKEYPOXESP” for texts in Spanish. By providing a zip code, you can also opt-in for location-based messages, which may include information on vaccines and care in your area.