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Welcome to the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center’s Well-Being Institute. The Well-Being Institute (WBI) is dedicated to providing comprehensive, holistic wellness programming that affirms and uplifts all members of the LGBTQ+ community. The WBI is committed to removing barriers to wellness experienced by the most marginalized and vulnerable members of our community. The WBI’s programs include no-cost, culturally-responsive, short-term individual and group counseling along with a wide range of educational and wellness services to support individuals in living healthy and fulfilling lives.

The LGBTQ Well-Being Institute offers:

Counseling Services

• No-fee short-term counseling for lgbtq+ individuals, couples and families provided in a safe and confidential space

Our Counselors will offer a listening ear, provide support and assist you in identifying options, finding resources and gaining perspective.

• Support groups and psychoeducational groups

Our groups are facilitated by a counselor and new members are introduced following an individual meeting with the group’s facilitator.

Email wellbeing@lgbtqcenter.org to get started, or call 845-331-5300, ext. 209

Please Note:  Short-term counseling will be focused on support, encouragement, suggestions, and the provision of information, education or community referrals.  It will not include the diagnoses or treatment of mental, emotional, nervous, or behavioral disorders. Your counselor will assist you in finding a licensed professional in the community to provide such services to you should that be one of your identified needs

Support and Discussion Groups

• Trans-Formations

Counselor Facilitated support and discussion group for adults (18+) considering, starting or at any stage of gender transition.

Meets in person/hybrid on the first and third Mondays in Apuzzo Hall; All other Mondays meets on Zoom.

• Transforming Parents

A counselor facilitated psychoeducational support and discussion group for parents of transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary youth and adult children.

This group is a safe and supportive space to learn about transgender experience and process your feelings around your child’s gender identity, transition, affirmation process.

Meets every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00PM on ZOOM

For more information, or to join these groups, email counseling@lgbtqcenter.org

Health and Wellness Activities

• Acupuncture

Beginning with a brief 10-minute intake before a regularly scheduled session, Acupuncture of the ears, hands, and feet are provided in a group setting to treat symptoms of pain, stress, and a variety of other health conditions.

• HIV/STI Testing Happy Hour

Free and confidential HIV & STI testing at the Center on the Third Thursday of the month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. To reserve your spot, call 845-704-7322 or email nkabalkin@hudsonvalleycs.org. Pruebas gratis de VIH y ETS. Jueves tercer, 5 a 7:00pm en el Centro Comunitario LGBTQ del Hudson Valley, 300 Wall Street, Kingston, NY. Para más información, llama al 845-704-7322 ó escribe a nkabalkin@hudsonvalleycs.org

• Free Hepatitis C Testing

Free and confidential Hepatitis C Testing at the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center on the Second Thursday of the month from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. No appointment necessary, masks are required. Free Hepatitis C Testing. To arrange a test on another day, email jlimon@hudsonvalleycs.org or call 845-704-7752

Workshops and Presentations

The Center provides health & education workshops, series, and special events throughout the year. Past offerings have included Gender Affirming Voice Modification; Gender Affirming Make-Up Application; Medical and Surgical Treatment Options for Gender Affirming Care; Advanced Care Directives; Introduction to Imago Therapy; breast and prostate cancer information sessions; and sex education tailored to individuals at different stages of life; Check Center Calendar for upcoming events.

Additional Assistance and Resources