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village elders Be sure to join us for Our Lives this Monday at 7 pm!

The Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center is proud to host Our Lives: Then, Now and Next, a panel discussion to be held at Apuzzo Hall on July 20 at 7 pm.

Village Elders, a photo-documentary by Penny Coleman currently on view at the center, captures the faces and memories of LGBTQ seniors whose lives spanned the 20th century in New York City. These heroes and heroines, in spite of a society that labeled them sick and aberrant, found ways to survive with their souls intact. They established physical and emotional sanctuaries and lived richly revolutionary lives that altered the political and social landscape for generations of gender outlaws who came after.

It may take a village to raise a child, but these elders insist that the village will be richer and its children freer to be themselves if they refuse to sacrifice the varied, creative, and wondrous ways that people living outside of normed heterosexuality have found to relate to each other, both socially and sexually.

These elders have much to teach, not just about a community’s resilient response to discrimination and the pain of living secret lives, but about the complexities of gender, the richness of age, and the rapidity of change.

Be sure to join us for Our Lives: Then, Now and Next where panelists will talk about these elders, their experiences, and the insights that apply to contemporary life. The panel will be made up of the photographer Penny Coleman, Jim Lomax, MD, former chairman of the board for SAGE NYC, and Leah Perry, professor of cultural studies at Empire State College. Jeff Allison, also former chairman of the board for SAGE NYC, will moderate. The center will provide refreshments.

Hey friends, click here for our latest program update and be sure to take the LGBT Health Survey and also save the date for Our Lives on July 20. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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So proud of Pride 2015 and so proud of YOU!
Dear Friends:

I want to thank everyone who participated in our best Hudson Valley Pride yet! We’re very proud of Pride 2015 and proud to support the pride events hosted by our partners in pride: Big Gay Hudson Valley, Hudson Pride Foundation, and the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

We’re excited to report that 1,200 people attended our events this year, with 600 participating in the march & festival alone. We obviously have a lot of people to thank, but let me start with YOU. Thank you for coming out to join us. It was truly inspiring to see such a rainbow of people celebrating together. The center really is our home sweet home!

Our pride march & festival took place in New Paltz on Sunday, June 7. We had more people participate in our march than ever before, particularly young people, and that made it all the more inspiring as we snaked our way to Hasbrouck Park where the same-sex weddings that got the center started are commemorated by a historic marker. (How beautiful is that?)

Won’t you join me in thanking the following individuals and organizations? Congratulate them when you see them and stand by to help us get ready for an even bigger and better event next year! We couldn’t have produced our best Pride ever without the generous support of our sponsors, pride guide advertisers, and all our partners in pride. Please be sure to thank them when you see them!

On behalf of the center, I have the honor to thank our extraordinary staff members Cris Livecchi, Vanessa Shelmandine, and Corinne Werder. I’d also like to thank our board of directors led by our president Jan Whitman and our founders led by our founding president Ginny Apuzzo. And I’d once again like to thank Retts Scauzillo and Gene Knapp.

This year’s pride committee truly went above and beyond. The members were Dan Torres, Board Cochair, Corinne Werder, Staff Cochair, Ryan Doughty, Gene Knapp, Cris Livecchi, and yours truly, and our official event photographers were Bonnie Brill and Tracey Buzzanco. See all of their wonderful photos here.

The pride committee would like to give special thanks to John Martin for all the support he’s provided to the center over the past eight years. He’s truly a wonderful man.

For our first online pride guide–already viewed over 4,000 times (!)–Gene Knapp would like to thank Rick Whelan. Retts and Gene would also like to thank Linda Joseph and Rick Nadeau for providing their cars for the grand marshal and volunteer of the year at the march.

Check out our Pride 2015 photo gallery below and stay tuned for updates on how to get involved in Pride 2016. Please also feel free to email me at k.flaminio@lgbtqcenter.org with any comments or suggestions. Thank you again for showing your pride in the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center!

Proudly yours,

Kay Flaminio
Executive Director

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2015 Annual Election

This year’s election will take place on Saturday, June 6 at 6 pm in the center’s Apuzzo Hall. Members in good standing are invited to vote in person or by email proxy.

Take this survey, save the date for Our Lives on July 20, and more!

Dear Friends of the Center:

Did you know the center honored LGBT veterans for their service and awarded college scholarships to local teens at the same time we got ready for Hudson Valley Pride 2015? Please read on—we get so much done when we work together!

First, a friendly reminder that if you’re sixteen or older and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, please click here to tell New York State what LGBT people need by taking the New York LGBT Health Survey! Our colleagues at the Department of Health are pleased to be receiving responses from all parts of our state and particularly from upstate, so let’s keep making our voices heard!

Decision Day @ the Anchor!

Thanks to everyone who attended our spontaneous marriage equality celebration on Friday night! Around 100 people showed up at The Anchor in Kingston, and we were joined by Jason West, the person who started the marriage movement in the Hudson Valley. Check out Gene Knapp’s great event photos!

Pride 2015 Photo Gallery

We want to thank EVERYONE for helping us putting on our...

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